Everyone's Just So So Special

Robert Shearman
fantasy, horror, short stories
Everyone's Just So So Special - Robert Shearman

British Fantasy Award 2012.

The history of the world. All of it. Its wars, its empires. Each and every one of its decline-and-falls. It's really terribly simple. It's the story of a bunch of mediocrities who are trying to look special. And it is my duty, it is my pleasure, to expose the lot of them.

A little boy who betrays his father to the mercies of Santa Claus. An assassin whose personality is so insipid he erases people with his very presence. A kitty cat that likes to hunt only endangered species. Camel marriages, killer angels, and conjuring tricks that cause worldwide plague.

The history of mankind. As told through twenty-one tales of the comic and the macabre. Frightening and funny. Heartbreaking and wise.

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Release date: 2011
Genres: fantasy, horror, short stories
Tags: british fantasy award
Updated: January 19, 2015