Mio, My Son - Astrid Lindgren7.58

With help from a genie, young Karl Anders Nilsson travels by day and by night, beyond the stars, to reach Farawayland. There, his father the King, who has been searching for him for nine long years, tells him that his true name is Mio, and lavishes upon him the loving attention he never received from his foster parents back in Stockholm. But the wonderful reunion with his father the King is interrupted when Mio learns of a prophecy that has been foretold for thousands and thousands of years. With his best friend, Pompoo, and his horse with the golden mane, Miramis, he must travel into the darkness of Outer Land to battle the cruel Sir Kato. First published in Swedish in 1954, Mio, My Son has become a children's classic worldwide.

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Release date: 1954
Genres: fantasy, childrens
Tags: translation
Original title: Mio, min Mio
Average rating: 7.58/10
Total ratings: 126
Updated: August 15, 2021