Chance of a Ghost

by E. J. Copperman
Release date: February 2, 2013
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, thriller

Alison Kerby’s guesthouse is haunted all year round. Surviving the dead of winter, though? That’s a spooky proposition.

Even with a blizzard bearing down on New Jersey, Alison can count on at least two guests — Paul and Maxie, the stubborn ghosts who share her shore town inn. Then there’s her widowed mother, who hasn’t just been seeing ghosts, she’s been secretly dating one: Alison’s father. But when he stands her up three times in a row, something’s wrong. Is he a lost soul... or a missing apparition?

Their only lead is an overdramatic spirit — stage name Lawrence Laurentz — who doesn’t take direction well and won’t talk until they find his killer. Alison will reluctantly play the part of PI, but when the clues take a sinister turn, the writing is on the wall: If Alison can’t keep a level head, this will be her father’s final act — and maybe her own.

updated 2017-01-18

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