Box of Devotions

by Anthony Huso
Box of Devotions - Anthony Huso N/A

A short story. Published as an e-book in 2012.

Set in Anthony Huso's grim fantasy world, this short story takes a look at one night in Isca City's slums, seen through the eyes of a young thug whose street name is Roach. Roach's night is full of adventure - a kind of broken and dark reflection of the knight's quest wherein he discovers a treasure, secures a magical weapon and follows a spiritual vision toward a final battle to defend his lady's honor.

Bridging the gap between Huso's two wonderfully weird novels "The Last Page" and "Black Bottle", this story answers the question: What was in that box Sena had buried in the bogs?

Release date April 2012

Details updated June 20, 2022

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The Last Page :: Series

Series contains 2 primary works and has 3 total works.

Also known as Caliph Howl.

The Last Page (The Last Page #1) 8.00   2
Black Bottle (The Last Page #2) 10.00   1
Box of Devotions N/A