Stories for the End of the World

by Eric Shapiro
Release date: 2010
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, horror, short stories

A suburban kid has to choose between spending the apocalypse with his family, or going to see the girl he loves. An aging businessman finds himself in the confines of a drowning skyscraper, thinking about his violent past. A lonely loser purchases a female robot, only to learn that she has a wicked self-destructive streak...

In this collection of three novellas and seven short stories, author Eric Shapiro presents characters well beyond the outer edges of sanity. With primal intensity and head-splitting surrealism, we see worlds collapsing, societies shattering, hearts breaking, and minds getting blown. The world outside may be going mad, but the one in these pages has lost its mind. Strap on your gas mask, stock up on canned goods, and seal all the exits.

Nowadays, you don't need regular fiction; you need STORIES FOR THE END OF THE WORLD.

updated 2012-06-26

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