Terminator Gene (The Human Rites Trilogy #2) - Ian Irvine
A knock at the door and Irith's life is changed forever. Her mother, Jemma, has been imprisoned for an unspecified crime. Her home and possessions confiscated, Irith is cast out into a hostile world where a permit is required for everything, and Security won't give her one. Picked up by the mysterious Bragg, Irith is taken to a Britain collapsing under the sanctions of the Global Congress. She is hurled into a violent battle between Security and a mysterious cabal trying to break into a Congress data centre. They steal a file about a deadly terminator gene virus but no one can decipher it. The group are hunted through the flooded tunnels under the London Docklands, to the highlands of Minnesota, then to a New Orleans slowly drowning under the rising seas. As the hurricane of the century bears down on the sinking city, Irith struggles to crack the secret of the terminator gene, and destroy it, before it wipes out all humanity.
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Release date: 2003
Genres: science fiction
Updated: August 23, 2021