People of the Weeping Eye

by Kathleen O'Neal Gear, W. Michael Gear
Release date: 2008
Type: other fiction
Genres: paleofiction

People called Old White the "Seeker," a man never long with any people or place. For years he had wandered, leaving a trail of war, wonder, and broken love in his wake. Now he is headed home, called back by visions of chaos, blood, and fire. But there is more to the Seeker than most know. He is a man driven by a secret so terrible it may topple the greatest city in North America.

When the far-off Katsinas told Old White it was time to go home, he had no idea that his journey would take him to the head of the Mississippi, where he would encounter the mystical Two Petals - a  youngsoul woman obsessed with Spirit Power, who lives life backwards. But before Two Petals can find her way out of the future, Old White must heal the rift in her tortured soul. To do so, he will need the help of Trader, a loner consumed by his own dark past.

People of the Weeping Eye is an epic set against the might and majesty of the great Mississippian Chiefdoms. The Gears have breathed new life into North America's forgotten heritage with a sweeping saga that will forever change your appreciation of our country.

updated 2017-01-16

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