Delta Green: Denied to the Enemy

by Dennis Detwiller
Release date: 2004
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, horror

Delta Green: Denied to the Enemy (A Call of Cthulhu Mythos Novel of World War II).

Thule, the Nazi Atlantis, legendary home of Aryan superbeings that ruled prehistory. Thule was supposed to be a Nazi myth, but when a defector from the SS occult sciences division, the Karotechia, brings proof of Thule's reality, Delta Green's course is clear: the alien city and its technological and occult secrets must be denied to the enemy at all costs. But the true masters of Thule are fighting their own war. A traitor from the past endangers their eons-old plan to shape the future. The survival of mankind depends on the fate of Thule; but to destroy Thule or save it? Which choice will save mankind? Written by Dennis Detwiller with cover art by Samuel Araya.

(updated 2012-07-12)

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