Epidemic in the Dark Lands

by Karen Gammons
Release date: March 2012
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, young adult

In book two, Prince Andy and the Misfits: Epidemic in the Dark Lands, the adventure continues as Andy awakens in a dungeon in the Dark Lands, imprisoned by the Shadow Man. Tortured and drugged, Andy refuses to divulge the location of the Jewel and Crown of the Races. The Shadow Man intends to harness its dark, magical powers to soothe his lust for greed, as well as to attain complete domination of the races. The only way to stop him is to destroy the Jewel and Crown of the Races forever. Where is it hidden? Just before the Shadow Man found Andy in the Dark Lands, mortally wounded, Andy buried the Jewel of the Races deep in the woods of the Dark Lands’ magical ground. From it a fruit tree sprang up, seeded from pure evil. After eating one of the fruits, Morgan, a Shadow Person, collapses to the ground. Immediately green streaks and pustules cover his body — and so the contagious Epidemic of the Dark Lands spreads. In this magical world of elves, pixies, giants, flying dragons, and Shadow People, the Misfits must fight battles, race against time to stop the Shadow Man, cure the Shadow People of their plague, and destroy the Jewel and Crown of the Races, all before the Dark Lands’ evil power turns Andy into a Shadow Person. Sacrifice and trials strengthen Andy and the Misfits’ character, leading them to discover their talents and inner strengths — of courage, compassion, forgiveness — and possibly the prospect of Andy’s first true love.

(updated 2012-07-15)

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