Shield of Sea and Space (The Chaos Knight, #3)
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Shield of Sea and Space

by Erin Hoffman
Release date: May 3, 2013
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

The epic conclusion to the Chaos Knight story!

Vidarian Rulorat, called the Tesseract, a powerful magic-user whose abilities spread across multiple elements, finds himself at war with the Alorean Import Company, a powerful cabal of merchants wealthy enough to buy nations. By opening the gate between worlds, Vidarian released the Starhunter, goddess of chaos. With her coming, wild magic returned to the world of Andovar, bringing with it shape-changers and strange awakened elemental technologies, including many-sailed ships powered by air magic, and mechanical automata lit from within by earth and fire.

Now, Vidarian discovers that the Alorean Import Company is determined to eliminate two-thirds of this new life on Andovar in the hopes of hoarding more magic for themselves in a new, worldwide plutocracy. Along with his human, gryphon, and shapechanger allies, he must stop the Company if he is to safeguard any future for the diverse life of Andovar, including his and Ariadel's newborn daughter.

With the existence of whole species hanging in the balance, Vidarian is locked in a race for the future of the world.
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