The Book of Ptath
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The Book of Ptath

by A. E. van Vogt
Release date: 1947
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

The Book of Ptath is also known as Two Hundred Million AD.

Two hundred million years A.D.

The old continents of Earth have long since disappeard. Lands with vastly different climates and geographies, covered with vulcanoes and teeming with strange animal life, have risen from the sea. The human population is ruled by temple princes and princesses, themselves dominated by more-than-human beings with the power od gods and godesses - power derived from the fervent prayers of an oppressed people. Vast armies stand ready to deal with any rebellion, mounted on the backs of giant birds, lethal as dive-bombers.

Into this potentially explosive siuation comes Ptath, the greatest god of them all, believed lost for aeons. Two beautiful godesses, the vicious blonde Ineznia and dark L'onee, are locked in struggle for control over him. The fate of the entire world hangs on the outcome. But Ptath, powerful as he is, is at a distinct disadvantage - his only memory is of a past reincarnation as Peter Holroyd, a tank commander killed in long-forgotten World-War II...

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