A Werewolf in Time

by K. H. Koehler
Release date: May 2012
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, alternate history

The Dark is rising...

The McGillicuddys travel to the village of Whitby in East Anglia for a very delayed honeymoon. But once there, they discover the ancient legend of The Wild Hunt, a haunted village of people in the grips of nightmares, and some very recent unexplained murders at the castle estate of Edwin’s old friend, Lord Ian Severn.

Eliza absolutely must investigate! But before she can uncover the secret behind the old castle and its creepy, archaic laboratory, an ancient, power-hungry race of dark Fae stir, which in turn summons the Werewolf of Whitby, the ages-old hunter of the Fae.

Soon, bloodshed and bad fairies abound. And it isn’t long before Edwin and Eliza’s once-relaxing holiday goes straight to the dogs!

“Guaranteed to be a great Halloween mood-setter! Steampunk? Well, emphasis on ‘steamy’ in some of the many nice places! Very fast paced and great characterization.” — Ron Dee, author of Shade and Dusk

“Outrageous fun.” — BookLove

“If you like your steampunk and/or vampires on the very steamy side, this one is for you.” — Steampunk Canada

updated 2012-07-24

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