The Company of Angels - K. H. Koehler

Love At the End of the World...

In 2015 the plague has reduced the world population to a third, and more are dying everyday. Economic collapse has forced large cities to restructure themselves into loose militia groups. In New York City, survivors fight for food and shelter in barbaric street gangs.

Fathers Max and Christophe run the last “civilized” place for children and the destitute to escape the violence and disease of the streets. But when the mysterious Julian shows up at their clinic, in need of medical attention, Chris begins to question what more may be lurking just outside their door. Julian is tall and beautiful, and he holds an almost hypnotic charm over all those he encounters.

Chris wants to believe that Julian may be of celestial origin. He wants to believe in the last lingering vestiges of love on earth. But a series of mysterious and gruesome deaths at the clinic leads him to suspect otherwise. Fair, pale-eyed Julian looks like an earthbound angel... but he may be just one more devil in a city that is living on the very edge of hell itself.

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Release date: 2010
Genres: horror
Updated: August 19, 2021