Black Jack Derringer: The Complete Collection

K. H. Koehler
science fiction
Black Jack Derringer: The Complete Collection - K. H. Koehler

The apocalypse sucks... especially when you're broke!

All “Wild” Alice West wants is to be a respected bounty hunter and make some legitimate cash to fill her empty coffers. But in the post-apocalyptic world of the Skillet, there is no room for a woman doing a “man’s job.”

Enter Mr. Treen: gambler, gunslinger, albino. Alice believes that by hiring the mysterious card sharp, she can give her business the legitimacy it needs. But Mr. Treen has his own secrets — some of them dark. And once these two misfits get together, you can be sure the Skillet will never be the same again!

Includes all three novels in the critically acclaimed series: Book I: The Ace of Spades, Book II: The Queen of Hearts and Book III: The King of Swords, all in one volume!

“A fine and fascinating tale.” - Hellnotes

"A very fun and exciting story, perfect for urban fantasy, pop science fiction, and cross genre fans." - Dark Scribe Magazine

"A superb western fantasy." - Baryon Review

"Reads like Tombstone on acid." - Monster Librarian

"Wild Alice West, Mr. Treen and a tale that will capture you from the very beginning... one of the best of 2009." - John Paul Allen, author of Gifted Trust, Monkey Love and Marquee.

"Mad Max meets Firefly... the world building is great. Koehler borrows from the classic post-apocalyptic tropes and archetypes and constructs a fascinating world of steam, sand, and wild-West-style action." - FanGirlTastic

"A fun story full of wry wit and clever wordplay." - Horror Drive-In

"A wild fusion of sci-fi, westerns and apocalyptic fiction." - Zoe E. Whitten, author of Ninjaworld

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Release date: 2011
Genres: science fiction
Updated: August 27, 2021