Cthulhu's Chosen

by Elizabeth Loiler
Release date: 2009
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, horror

"When religion becomes self sustaining, becomes a natural part of life, do the gods need us or do we need them?" By the most unlikely circumstances, a young girl dubbed Verdandi is swept into a twisted plot to rule a country she hadn't even seen. It all starts upon meeting Rahel, the Chancellor to the King of a land in direct contrast to her own icy Northern realm. Though Rahel's tone could easily match the cold climate, she gives friendship to the young Verdandi - and takes her loyalty in return. On the second night of Rahel's visit, Verdandi is abducted to the hot, sultry land of the South and is soon shunted into a dark and morbid secret. The call of Cthulhu is upon her, and she must answer.

updated 2012-08-07

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