Origin of Pain

Ryan C. Thomas
horror, collection, thriller
Origin of Pain - Ryan C. Thomas

An omnibus edition.

  • The Summer I Died
  • Born to Bleed

Roger Huntington is a comic book-loving nerd. Bad with women, but good with paints and a canvas, Roger yearns to be a comic book artist, to create the heroes he so enthusiastically follows. His best friend, Tooth, is just the opposite — good with the ladies, the life of the party, never without a beer in hand. Roger knows superheroes with capes and cowls aren't real, but two bloody events in his life force him to question what he knows about heroism. First, in New Hampshire, as he and Tooth are trapped in the basement of a sadistic killer with an arsenal of razor-sharp blades and a hungry dog, Roger must question whether or not heroes are born or made. Then, ten years later, once again thrust in the middle of a gruesome cult nightmare, Roger is forced to ask the even more terrifying question of whether or not heroes have a choice.

For the first time, this omnibus collection by Ryan C. Thomas chronicles the origin of one of the most unseemly heroes of our time. Witness firsthand the horrifying, bloody events that made both The Summer I Died and Born to Bleed cult classics in the horror world.

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Release date: 2011
Genres: horror, collection, thriller
Updated: August 15, 2012