A Hollow Cube Is a Lonely Place

@ S. D. Foster (fantasy, horror, short stories)

A collection of twenty-three bizarro fables in which you'll meet Nobody, a performing primate who wants to chew your children's lips off; pontificate with the Stork, philosopher and feces-eater; rejoice as Nordin "The Noggin" Nobel, noted socialite, is reconciled to his estranged head; share the existential despair of Slothra the suicidal kaiju; celebrate the love of Violet and her rotting lover; explore the meaning of life with Dr. Ebenezer A.T. Horkenheimer, sociopath, and the geography of heaven and hell with Ted the mangled toy. And so much more... It's Aesop, as imagined by John Waters.

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Release date: 2011
Genres: fantasy, horror, short stories
Updated 2012-08-30