The Dragon House (The Wild Hunt #4) - Elspeth Cooper9.20

This astonishing, bold fantasy series continues - and brings its world one step closer to destruction...

Two of the three great Suvaeon keeps that held the north have fallen. In the south, a radical prophet fans the flames of bloody insurrection. Too long at peace, the Empire faces a war on two fronts that it is ill-equipped to fight.

The events surrounding the fall of Saardost Keep have stretched Gair to breaking point. His body is failing, and his gift has turned treacherous. Running out of time to save Tanith, he takes to the wildwood to shorten his journey to Astolar, but in Bregorin he will come face to face with his darkest fears.

As Ytha and her war band ride unopposed into the heart of the Empire, Teia struggles to catch them. If she can capture the starseed, she believes she can prevent the foretold destruction of her people by the Wild Hunt. Except she might already be far too late.

With the Guardians of the Veil scattered, and the Empire's military resources stretched thin by war, only two people stand between the arch-manipulator Savin and his desires. But unless Gair and Teia can embrace the most deadly aspects of their gifts, their world will burn.

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Release date: TBA | estimate 2021
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy
Expectation rating: 9.20/10
Total ratings: 10
Updated: September 24, 2021

The Wild Hunt :: Series

The veil between worlds is weakening, and behind it, the Hidden Kingdom, ever-hungry for dominion over the daylight realm, is stirring. The kingdoms of the earth have grown complacent in victory, and their rulers deny the power of magic. The guardians of the Veil have grown old and few.  But there are still a few who can wield the power of the Song of the Earth - can they regain their power in time to stop the wild hunt from rending the veil and overrunning the whole world?

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