The Secret Explodes

by Mel Odom
Release date: 2005
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, young adult

Unearthly Discoveries

Matt glanced at the table, mesmerized when the mummy's fists clenched. Barely held on by the quick sutures Emma had taken through the dead flesh, Pasebakhaenniut's head turned... The mummy's eyeless gaze fastened on Narada, who stood frozen in awe.

"It's alive " Gabriel shouted."

If Matt Hunter hadn't seen it, he'd never have believed it: a mummy - barely stitched together, come to life. And that's just the first of the outrageous discoveries.

As Matt's campaign of vengeance against the evil Lucius Creighdor continues, he and his faithful league delve deeper and deeper into a fantastical world that reveals grisly and extraordinary clues. The answers are coming faster now, as murder abounds and the team unearths hideous secret experiments.

But are they truly prepared to witness the horrific nature of what they have found - no matter how close it brings them to their goals? Or... to their end?

updated 2012-09-15

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