Dream Boat (Sabrina the Teenage Witch #40) - Mel Odom

Sabrina's dream cruise turns out to be anything but relaxing when her new friend, Cristoval Sanchez, is abducted from the deck of the Pacific Sunset by a pack of troll-like creatures!

Sabrina knew Cristoval was a great guy and a total hottie, but had no idea that he really was a prince?well, a prince of the Other World Realm Xhalchiat?and the only one with the power to free his homeland from the clutches of the evil would-be king, Xipe-Topec.

Now Sabrina has to trek through jungles and escape the jaws of crocodiles to rescue her prince from a possible eternal slumber. This was so not in the itinerary!

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Release date: 2001
Genres: fantasy, young adult
Updated: August 22, 2021