Judgement Day (The Science of Discworld, #4)
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Judgement Day

by Terry Pratchett, Jack Cohen, Ian Stewart
Release date: April 8, 2013
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, non-fiction

Order in Court!

On Discworld an almighty row is brewing...

The Omnians want control of Roundworld - its very existence makes a mockery of their religion. The wizards of Unseen University, however, are extremely reluctant to part with it. After all, they created it!

Enter Roundworld librarian, Marjorie Daw (accidentally, through L-space). Perhaps, with her Jimmy Choos and her enquiring and logical mind, she can help? Especially as she's the sort of librarian who thinks that the Bible should be filed under Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Lord Vetinari presides over the tribunal. People on both sides are getting extremely angry, There are some very big questions being asked - and someone's got some explaining to do...

The fourth in the Science of Discworld series, JUDGEMENT DAY sees Terry Pratchett, Professor Ian Stewart and Doctor Jack Cohen create a mind-mangling mix of fiction, cutting-edge science and philosophy in an attempt to answer the REALLY big questions - this time taking on God, the Universe and, frankly, Everything Else.

Proceed with caution, you may never look at your universe(s) in the same way again.

updated 2013-05-03

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