The Terror of Black Eagle Tavern

by Megan Atwood
Release date: 2012
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: horror, young adult

Jinx looked at the bar, then back at Devon and Todd. "You may want to duck, is all I'm saying." As the words left her mouth, three glasses came shooting from the bar, straight toward the brothers. Devon and Todd ducked and the glasses shattered against a door behind them. Jinx became a paranormal investigator so she'd stand out from the other kids in high school. Her ghost-hunting partner Jackson may be a jock, but Jinx is not interested in helping his football buddy Todd — until Todd's case gets too weird to ignore. A supernatural presence is causing chaos at the bar Todd's family owns. And the threat has a connection to Todd that's deeper than even he realizes...

updated 2012-10-06

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