The Shadows - Charlotte McConaghy

Felix and Leila are Children of the Waves. Born and raised on the stormy coast, they are tied irrevocably to the sea, just as they are tied to each other.

But tragedy tears them apart, changing both their lives forever.

Leila’s fame follows her at every turn, while Felix becomes nothing more than a ghost, deadly and invisible.

In a corrupt and violent world they are each recruited for their skill and courage by the elusive leader of the rebels, a man haunted by his own destructive past, forcing Leila and Felix to face their fears – and each other.

Together, they will do whatever it takes to fight for freedom.

They will become anything – even Shadows.

By the author of the popular series ‘The Strangers of Paragor’, The Shadows is a romantic adventure novel about the bonds of first love.

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Release date: February 2012
Genres: fantasy, romance
Updated: August 19, 2021