Unhallowed Ground - Daniel Mills

In the summer of 1891, Henry Feathering travels to Bittersweet Lodge at the invitation of his reclusive widower uncle. Under the shadow of the dilapidated old mansion, Henry falls in love with the enigmatic Clemency St. James and proposes to her in the shelter of a locust grove.

As the newlyweds settle into the lodge, they soon learn of the house's sordid past — ghostly visitations, unexplained illnesses, and madness — which now plagues Henry and Clemency, creating an irreparable rift between them.

Can they salvage what is left of their marriage? Or will the unbridgeable distances dividing men from women, the past from the present, and the living from the dead doom them to the fate of what lies beneath the grave of a young girl buried on these unhallowed grounds...

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Release date: October 2012
Genres: horror
Updated: October 22, 2012