Yellowfang's Secret

by Erin Hunter
Yellowfang's Secret (Warriors: Super Edition #5) - Erin Hunter 8.58   29

One secret could destroy them all...

Yellowkit is a ShadowClan cat through and through and she can't wait to become a fearless warrior. Then Yellowkit trains as an apprentice and finally receives her warrior name, Yellowfang — and much to her surprise, she realizes that her paws weren't meant to shed blood. Her true destiny lies as a healer, and she takes her place as ShadowClan's medicine cat apprentice.

But Yellowfang's dreams are haunted by a dark prophecy, and every paw step she takes seems drenched in heartache. As she struggles to separate herself from her warrior past, she realizes that the future she faces is bleak and dim — colored by a devastating secret that could destroy the warrior Clans.

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Release date October 2012
Details updated June 23, 2022

Warriors: Super Edition :: Series

Series contains 16 primary works and has 16 total works.

Main series Warriors / Warrior Cats

Firestar's Quest (Warriors: Super Edition #1) 8.42   143
Bluestar's Prophecy (Warriors: Super Edition #2) 8.96   68
Skyclan's Destiny (Warriors: Super Edition #3) 7.82   76
Crookedstar's Promise (Warriors: Super Edition #4) 8.84   45
Yellowfang's Secret (Warriors: Super Edition #5) 8.58   29
Tallstar's Revenge (Warriors: Super Edition #6) 8.16   18
Bramblestar's Storm (Warriors: Super Edition #7) 8.30   13
Moth Flight's Vision  (Warriors: Super Edition #8) 8.80   5
Hawkwing's Journey (Warriors: Super Edition #9) N/A
Tigerheart's Shadow (Warriors: Super Edition #10) 10.00   2
Crowfeather's Trial (Warriors: Super Edition #11) N/A
Squirrelflight's Hope (Warriors: Super Edition #12) 7.00   1
Graystripe's Vow (Warriors: Super Edition #13) N/A
Leopardstar’s Honor (Warriors: Super Edition #14) N/A
Onestar's Confession (Warriors: Super Edition #15) N/A

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