The Melting Sea

Erin Hunter
fantasy > animal fantasy, young adult
The Melting Sea (Seekers: Return to the Wild #2) - Erin Hunter

Is fate pulling them apart?

Toklo, Kallik, Lusa, and Yakone trek onward toward the Melting Sea, battling the elements and struggling to move quickly as the ice begins to thaw. Kallik is anxious to reunite with her brother, Taqqiq, and the rest of the bears at her old home — but Toklo and Lusa can't imagine continuing their journey without her.

As they cross the Melting Sea, the foursome encounters Shila, an injured white bear who tells them that a vicious gang of bears is terrorizing others for food and land. Kallik is horrified to discover that her brother has joined these fierce bears. Can the Seeker bears convince Taqqiq to come back to the right side?

The future of the close-knit team is uncertain. As the bears face separating for the first time since their quest began, they struggle with the difficult choice between returning home or remaining with the companions who have become their true family.

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Release date: June 2012
Genres: fantasyanimal fantasy, young adult
Updated: August 24, 2021

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