Blackthorns of the Forgotten

by Bree T. Donovan
Blackthorns of the Forgotten - Bree T. Donovan 10.00   1

Ireland: leading toward, and crossing over the new Millennium.

Gillean Faraday is a successful international musician. His self-made stardom has afforded him every comfort of the material world. But also the self-destructiveness of an artist who has all but sacrificed his soul for fame. His marriage and family are disintegrating. It is during this period of chaos that Gillean develops a relationship with a supernatural being called Sully, who has chosen to act as Gillean’s guardian - Gillean’s angel. Gillean and Sully are polar opposites who just happen to have the extraordinary connection of soul mates.

The powerful connection between Gillean and Sully becomes complicated when other beings from the hidden world interfere. Good and Evil collide in the tangible form of these characters' strengths, weaknesses and complexities.

Blackthorns of the Forgotten is a powerful story of love in its purest form, set in an Ireland that delicately superimposes modernity with the traditions of the paranormal past.

Category: Fantasy

Release date January 2012

Details updated June 23, 2022

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Noel O'Neil
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May 13, 2020
10 / 10

This book was a surprising treat. I bought it because of my interest in Irish folklore. I loved the way the author used this idea as a backdrop for a very unusual, but believable romance. If you want a good laugh, cry and a little bit of magic, I highly recommend!