Heart Thief

by Robin D. Owens
Release date: 2003
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, fantasy, romance

Ruis Elder never asked for his unusual trait - the ability to neutralize others' psychic talents. Because of it, he has always been hated in his own homeland, destined to roam the harsh planet alone. But trouble finds him in front of the ruling Council - and face-to-face with the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. There's only one problem: Ailim is on the opposite side of the bench...

Ailim has never before felt such passion coursing through her as she feels in Ruis's presence. And she never thought she would - at least not with a man so far beneath her station, a man who does not even have psychic powers. But even on the planet Celta, love is blind to such details. Separately, Ailim and Ruis must forgo their old lives. But together, they can take on the world...

updated 2012-11-12

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