The Iron Wolves (The Rage of Kings, #1)
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The Iron Wolves

by Andy Remic
Release date: December 25, 2013
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

Thirty years ago, the Iron Wolves held back mud-orc hordes at the Pass of Dakrath, and led a charge that saw the sorcerer Morkagoth slain. This ended the War of Kazakoram, and made the Steel Wolves heroes.

Now a new terror stalks the realm. In hushed whispers, it is claimed the Horse Lady has escaped from the Chaos Halls and is building an army, twisting her beasts into terrible, bloody hunters, summoning mud-orcs and heading north to Keradonia where, it said, the noble King Yoon has gone insane.

After hearing a prophecy from a blind seer, aged General Dalgoran searches to reunite the heroes of old for what he believes will be the final battle. But as mud-orcs and mutant beasts tear through the land, Dalgoran discovers the Iron Wolves are no longer heroes of legend... Narnok is a violent whoremaster, Kiki a honey-leaf drug peddler, and Prince Astan a drinker, a gambler, amoral and decadent: now he likes to hear people scream as they burn...

United in hate, the Iron Wolves travel to the Pass of Dakrath; and as half a million mudorcs gather, General Dalgoran realises his grave error. Together, the Iron Wolves hold a terrible secret which has tortured them for three decades. Now, they only wish to be human again...

updated 2017-01-17

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Holy crap, but The Iron Wolves was a hell of a lot of fun! It's as if Robert E. Howard and Fritz Leiber reached out from beyond the grave to collaborate on the kind pulp fantasy they perfected, decided to take Stallone's The Expendables as their inspiration, recruited Sam Raimi to direct the medieval mayhem, and then demanded that nothing short of the explicit, unrated director's cut make it into print. What Andy Remic has pulled together here is absolutely genius. If you've read the cover ... (more)
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