Under a Graveyard Sky (Black Tide Rising, #1)
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Under a Graveyard Sky

by John Ringo
Release date: August 31, 2013
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

Zombies are real. And we made them. Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse? The Smith family is, with the help of a few marines.

When an airborne “zombie” plague is released, bringing civilization to a grinding halt, the Smith family, Steven, Stacey, Sophia and Faith, take to the Atlantic to avoid the chaos. The plan is to find a safe haven from the anarchy of infected humanity. What they discover, instead, is a sea composed of the tears of survivors and a passion for bringing hope.

For is up to the Smiths and a small band of Marines to somehow create the refuge that survivors seek in a world of darkness and terror. Now with every continent a holocaust and every ship an abattoir, life is lived beneath a graveyard sky.

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All things considered - and it definitely did have its flaws - Under a Graveyard Sky was probably one of the better apocalyptic tales I've read in a long time, and certainly one of the best zombie tales in recent memory. Rather weak and unbelievable in terms of characters, but very strong in terms of action and plot, John Ringo has pulled together a novel that is sure to please his fans, and potentially win him some new ones. The book starts on an awkward note, plunging us right into the ... (more)
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I am not a fan of zombie books, TV, or movies. A relentless, evil antagonist with no soul is an easy out for the author who does not have to develop that side of the story. The conflict stays simple, no need to worry about empathy for the "bad guys" or conflicting moral choices. Having "nothing to read" and enjoying John Ringo's other books I figured "might as well". I was pleasantly surprised with a very good read, so good in fact, that I read through the series and am now waiting for the 4th book! Oh well, back to "nothing to read". - Ron Restorff
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