The Chickens of Atlantis and Other Fowl and Filthy Fiends

by Robert Rankin
Release date: September 15, 2013
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction
Tags: humor

Darwin, the Educated Ape, sets off on another madcap adventure through time, space and chickens.

Robert Rankin, the master of far-fetched fiction, presents, for the first time, a book written in 'the first monkey'. Sure to be taken up as the newest of literary fads, Darwin, the Educated Ape here tells his life story to his legions of fans.

Featuring: Chickens! Martians! Doodlebugs! The Far Future! The Distant Past! Sherlock Holmes! Winston Churchill! Dynamite! More Monkeys than you can shake a stick at! Barmen! Pubs! The End of the World and more!

The fourth in Robert Rankin's series of steampunk-tinged Victoriana novels featuring the master detective Cameron Bell (who has an unfortunate fondness for blowing up major landmarks) and his companion, Darwin, the Educated Ape, this is another masterpiece of comic fiction and SF.

(updated 2016-10-14)

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