Annihilation (The Southern Reach Trilogy #1) - Jeff VanderMeer6.98

Shirley Jackson Award 2014. World Fantasy Award nominee 2015.

The first in an extraordinary trilogy.

For thirty years, Area X has remained mysterious, remote, and concealed by the government as an environmental disaster zone even though it is to all appearances pristine wilderness. For thirty years, too, the secret agency known as the Southern Reach has monitored Area X and sent in expeditions to try to discover the truth. Some expeditions have suffered terrible consequences. Others have reported nothing out of the ordinary. Now, as Area X seems to be changing and perhaps expanding, the next expedition will attempt to succeed where all others have failed. What is happening in Area X? What is the true nature of the invisible border that surrounds it?

Annihilation tells the story of the twelfth expedition through the narration of a nameless biologist attached to the mission. A reticent, solitary woman, the biologist brings her own personal secrets with her. She is accompanied by a psychologist, anthropologist, and surveyor, their stated mission to chart the wilderness, take samples, and expand the Southern Reach’s understanding of Area X.

But they soon find out that the information given to them about Area X is incomplete or inaccurate, and that they are being manipulated by forces both strange and all too familiar. The old abandoned lighthouse on the coast is more than it seems. A moaning in the distance at dusk appears to have no natural cause. A tunnel plunging into the ground isn’t on any map.

In Area X, they will all find out what it truly means to face the unknown. Adapt or die.

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Release date: January 28, 2014
Genres: science fiction
Average rating: 6.98/10
Total ratings: 68
Updated: August 29, 2021

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10/10 |
August 31, 2015
Ever wonder what would happen if Poe and Clive Barker got drunk as fuck together and watched Primer, Coherence, Solaris and the first season of Lost? This book, this trilogy is the fucking answer. By the beard of Odin, I am impressed! To make so ...