The Cupid War

by Timothy Carter
Release date: 2011
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, young adult


In life, Ricky Fallon was a depressed teenager desperate to escape his smothering friend Susan Sides. After accidentally falling to his death, he becomes something more. Fallon joins those responsible for spreading love to the living – the Cupids.

But the afterlife isn’t like a box of chocolates. Fallon must deal with an obnoxious leader while fighting the Cupids’ enemies – the Suicides. If that weren’t enough, Fallon discovers that his former friend Susan just might be the deadliest being on either side of life.

When Fallon meets Trina Porten, a teenage girl with a psychic gift, he makes a valuable ally among the living. Together, they must convince the Cupids of the threat Susan poses before Susan discovers the full extent of her power.

(updated 2012-12-13)

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