Stone Cold

by Devon Monk
Release date: March 25, 2014
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyurban fantasy

This two-book series is set in the Allie Beckstrom universe. It takes place three years after the end of the Allie Beckstrom books. While it stands on its own and can be read without having to read the Allie Beckstrom novels, the experience may be even richer if both series are read.

The latest Broken Magic novel from national bestselling author Devon Monk.

Marked by Life and Death magic, Shame Flynn and Terric Conley are “breakers” — those who can use magic to its full extent. Most of the time, they can barely stand each other, but they know they have to work together to defeat a common enemy — rogue magic user Eli Collins.

Backed by the government, Eli is trying to use magic as a weapon by carving spells into the flesh of innocents and turning them into brainless walking bombs. To stop him, Shame and Terric will need to call on their magic, even as it threatens to consume them — because the price they must pay to wield Life and Death could change the very fate of the world... and magic itself.

updated 2014-03-25

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