Gods and Warriors: The Burning Shadow is the second book in this breathtaking adventure series set in the Greek Bronze Age: a time of chieftains, chariots and ancient magic - when the lowliest goatherd could rise to become a hero.

Perfect for fans of epic, action-packed adventures from Pirates of the Caribbean to The Lord of the Rings. Don't miss this brand new series from the internationally acclaimed Michelle Paver, author of Wolf Brother.

Born in Malawi in 1960 to a Belgian mother and a father who ran the tiny Nyasaland Times, Michelle Paver moved to the UK when she was three. She was brought up in Wimbledon and, following a Biochemistry Degree from Oxford, she became a partner in a big City law firm. She gave up the City to follow her long-held dream of becoming a writer. She is the author of the brilliantly successful children's series The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness.

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Release date: July 2013
Genres: fantasy, young adult
Average rating: 7.68/10
Total ratings: 32
Updated 2013-07-26