The Bodigulpa

by Jenny Nimmo
The Bodigulpa - Jenny Nimmo N/A

Spooky or funny, surprising or frightening, SHOCK SHOP is a collection of seven brand-new novels by some of the greatest names in children's writing. THE BODIGULPA Daniel's not happy when Grandpa Green moves in with them after the mysterious death of Granny Green. He's smelly, has dirty fingernails, long, lank hair and he's mean to everyone. The only things he seems to like are his strange, menacing plants. When lovely Auntie Lorna comes to babysit one day, things take a turn for the worse. She brings her dog Stanley and Grandpa HATES dogs. After Stanley makes the mistake of peeing against the greenhouse door - the very greenhouse in which he keeps his horrible plants - Stanley disappears. All that remains is his broken, slime-covered leather collar... and Daniel finds it behind Grandpa's most precious plant: the Bodigulpa. When Auntie Lorna disappears as well, leaving behind only her high-heeled shoes, Daniel begins to suspect that there's more to his grandfather and his fast-growing plant than meets the eye... A great story, brilliantly told and bursting with horror, laughter and black, black humour!

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Release date 2002
Details updated August 30, 2022
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