Like a Mighty Army

by David Weber
Like a Mighty Army (Safehold #7) - David Weber 8.50   2

The hotly anticipated seventh volume in the New York Times bestselling Safehold series.

For centuries, the world of Safehold, last redoubt of the human race, lay under the unchallenged rule of the Church of God Awaiting. The Church permitted nothing new — no new inventions, no new understandings of the world.

What no one knew was that the Church was an elaborate fraud — a high-tech system established by a rebel faction of Safehold’s founders, meant to keep humanity hidden from the powerful alien race that had destroyed old Earth.

Then awoke Merlyn Athrawes, cybvernetic avatar of a warrior a thousand years dead, felled in the war in which Earth was lost. Monk, warrior, counselor to princes and kings, Merlyn has one purpose: to restart the history of the too-long-hidden human race.

And now the fight is thoroughly underway. The island empire of Charis has declared its independence from the Church, and with Merlyn’s help has vaulted forward into a new age of steam-powered efficiency. Fending off the wounded Church, Charis has drawn more and more of the countries of Safehold to the cause of independence and self-determination. But at a heavy cost in bloodshed and loss — a cost felt by nobody more keenly that Merlyn Athrawes.

The wounded Church is regrouping. Its armies and resources are vast. The fight for humanity’s future isn’t over, and won’t be over soon...

Category: Science Fiction

Release date February 14, 2014

Details updated April 25, 2022

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Safehold :: Series

Series contains 10 primary works and has 10 total works.

In this bestselling science fiction series, humans have fled from Earth, which their enemies, the Gbaba, have left in smoldering ruins. The few human survivors rebuild on the Earth-like planet of Safehold. But the Gbaba can detect the emissions of an industrial civilization, so the human rulers take extraordinary measures to keep Safehold society medieval forever.

But 800 years later, an android from the far human past awakens and learns her fate: to provoke technological progress that has been prevented for centuries.

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