King Breaker (The Chronicles of King Rolen's Kin, #4)
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King Breaker

by Rowena Cory Daniells
Release date: September 24, 2013
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

The conclusion to the hugely popular King Rolen's Kin series!

The story of Byron, Fyn and Piro picks up immediately where the cliff-hanging ending of The Usurper let off!

When Cobalt stole the Rolencian throne, Byren, Fyn and Piro were lucky to escape with their lives, now they’ve rallied and set out to avenge their parents' murder.

Byren is driven to defeat Cobalt and reclaim the crown, but at what cost? Fyn has sworn to serve Byren’s interests but his loyalty is tested when he realises he loves Byren’s betrothed. And Piro never wanted to win a throne, now she holds the fate of a people in her hands.

updated 2016-08-25

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HourglassEyes avatar
Written by
Being conclusion to the King Rolen's Kin King Breaker leaves couple of main questions unanswered, which is annoying, but still is one the best books I've read this year, thus the last half star ;) The story arc of Byren was somewhat stunning, not exactly what I was hoping or expecting for. Piro's story had been one of my favorite during the series and thus I was little bit disapointed that her story arc didn't actually come to any deasent conclusion but more likely being at turnaround this ... (more)
Bob Milne avatar
Written by
Not to be deliberately facetious, but I only had two concerns with King Breaker, the conclusion to King Rolen's Kin - namely, the beginning and the end. That's not to say that this is, by any means a bad book, or that Rowena Cory Daniells did, in any respect, a poor job of wrapping up the various threads left hanging after The Usurper. Far from it. It's simply an acknowledgement of where I had issues. Let's start with the beginning. Granted, Daniells had a lot to catch up on in terms of ... (more)
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