Dragonsdawn - Anne McCaffrey7.56

Over 6,000 people of the Federated Sentient Planets spend fifteen years in deep sleep on a one-way trip to establish a colony on Pern. The landing is succcessful and proceeds for several years until the first arrival of Thread. The threadfall is devastating. Scientists determine that this is not a short-term problem. Realizing help cannot come from the FSP, the colonists discover they might be able to alter the genetic structure of Pern's fire-lizards. The scientists make the necessary alterations and wait with little hope for the final result.

Winner of the 1990 Science Fiction Book Club award for best novel.

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Release date: 1988
Genres: science fiction
Tags: dragons
Average rating: 7.56/10
Total ratings: 9
Updated: May 20, 2020

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