The Legend of Ellie Quin

Alex Scarrow
science fiction, young adult
The Legend of Ellie Quin (Ellie Quinn #1) - Alex Scarrow

A brand new series from the Author of TIMERIDERS!

Welcome to a universe as you've never seen it before - genetically engineered pocket pets, plant life with a crabby attitude, soda pops that fight back...and revoltingly slimy junk food.

Ellie Quin's just an ordinary young girl. Bored with her life on a remote farm, staring up at the stars at night and wishing she was far away on another more exciting planet.

She thought she was ordinary. Turns out she couldn't have been more wrong. It turns out she's the most valuable, the most dangerous, the most sought-after human in the universe... and there are people already zeroing in on her.

The Legend of Ellie Quin: a breathless pursuit across a colourful, madcap universe of shopping malls and space ships. Lip-gloss and lazer guns.

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Release date: December 2012
Genres: science fiction, young adult
Updated: February 14, 2013

Ellie Quinn :: Series

The Legend of Ellie Quin (Ellie Quinn #1)
The World According to Ellie Quin (Ellie Quinn #2)
Beneath the Neon Sky (Ellie Quinn #3)
Ellie Quin in Wonderland (Ellie Quinn #4)
Girl Reborn (Ellie Quinn #5)