The World According to Ellie Quin

Alex Scarrow
science fiction, young adult
The World According to Ellie Quin (Ellie Quinn #2) - Alex Scarrow

A brand new series from the author of TIMERIDERS!

Ellie Quin has escaped the tedium of life on her father's farm to the domed main city of her home world – New Haven. A noisy, colourful, over-crowded city filled with ditto-heads and limp-chiks, the dregs of society watching day-time sopa-drams on the toob. A place where crime is rife and a naive young woman can too easily become a victim and a statistic.

But with the help of her new found friend and fellow cube-chik, Jez – street-smart, head strong and incredibly fregging foul-mouthed – there's a hope of a chance the pair can find a way off world.

But will they find a way off world before a ruthless killer – hired by 'the Administration' to track down Ellie - finally zeroes in on her?

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Release date: December 2012
Genres: science fiction, young adult
Updated: February 14, 2013

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