The Artemis Fowl Files

Eoin Colfer
fantasy, short stories, young adult
The Artemis Fowl Files - Eoin Colfer5.82

Artemis Fowl’s confidential files have been discovered in his safe at Fowl Manor. Now you too can share the secrets!

The Artemis Fowl Files will delight Eoin Colfer’s legions of fans with its behind-the-scenes interviews with the much-loved characters including: Holly Short, Mulch Diggums, and Artemis Fowl.

Two brand-new Artemis Fowl short stories including:

LEPrecon,” the story of Fairy Police Captain Holly Short's move from Traffic to Recon following her initiation into the Fairy Police, and “The Seventh Dwarf,” featuring the flatulent dwarf Mulch Diggums, Butler, and Artemis himself.


Special coded messages from the Fairy Book for fans to translate

A “Fairy Spotter” Guide detailing the fairy world. Learn all about the physical characteristics and countless personality traits of the various fairy categories including: elves, trolls, sprites, pixies, goblins, and more.

Cool descriptions and diagrams of Foaly’s greatest gadgets.

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Release date: 2004
Genres: fantasy, short stories, young adult
Average rating: 5.82/10
Total ratings: 209
Updated: September 04, 2021

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