Chain of Illusions

by Boone Brux
Release date: November 18, 2013
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, romance

Can a demon be truly redeemed and shoulder the burden of fighting his own kind – and do it all for love?

Rell is a demon (a Bane), but Siban and the rest of the Bringers know how to “cure” her. The question remains though - once a Bane, can one learn how to be a Bringer? And is Rell willing to take the risk for Siban’s love?

In a quest to rescue the rest of the Bringers who have been taken by the demon king Vile, Rell and Siban venture back into the Shadow World where they are faced with a myriad of illusions and trials that test their brand-new relationship and Rell’s dedication to the cause of the Bringers.

Beloved characters, Rayvn, Rhys, Luc, Jade, and Icarus play important roles as questions are answered, more threads are tied up, and an epic love affair comes to a happy conclusion.

updated 2013-11-18

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