Declan and Tori (The Hunters #1) - Shiloh Walker N/A

She was just doing her job, tracking down a nutcase who was stalking a young dancer. And then the unspeakable and impossible happened. She was bitten.

A newly turned vampire, Tori is alone and starving and she doesn't know what to do. But she knows who to turn to-gorgeous, mouthwatering Declan - a police detective who has a few secrets of his own.

Category: Fantasy Romance

Release date 2003

Details updated August 22, 2021

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The Hunters :: Series

Series contains 13 primary works and has 21 total works.

Declan and Tori (The Hunters #1) N/A
Eli and Sarel (The Hunters #2) N/A
Byron and Kit (The Hunters #3) N/A
Jonathan and Lori (The Hunters #4) N/A
Ben and Shadoe (The Hunters #5) N/A
Rafe and Sheila (The Hunters #6) N/A
I'll Be Hunting You (The Hunters #7) N/A
Hunting the Hunter (The Hunters #8) N/A
Heart and Soul (The Hunters #9) N/A
Hunter's Salvation (The Hunters #10) N/A
Hunter's Need (The Hunters #11) N/A
Hunter's Fall (The Hunters #12) N/A
Hunter's Rise (The Hunters #13) N/A
Malachi N/A
The Huntress N/A
Hunter's Pride N/A
Legends: Hunters and Heroes N/A
Hunter's Choice N/A
Hunter's Edge N/A
Belonging N/A
Hunt Me N/A