Locked in Silence

by Shiloh Walker
Release date: 2011
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, romance

Dying is hard enough. Coming back to life is brutal.

Grimm’s Circle, Book 5

Vanya has been hunting and killing demons ever since one of them scarred her face and killed her sister. Correction — since she was forced to kill the demon possessing her sister.

Then some sort of angel offers her a deal she can’t refuse — that if she becomes one of them, she gets to kill even more demons. Tonight, she’s made that choice. The death she smells on the air will be her own — and she welcomes it.

Silence feels a darkness is looming. Change — something he has every reason not to welcome. The deeply hidden memories that robbed him of his past, of his own name, render him unfit to teach anyone the ways of the Grimm. Yet here he is in the dankest sex club in town, waiting to assume his charge — after he stands by and watches her die.

When Vanya awakes, their complicated, dangerous dance begins. And so does something else — a searing need that blisters along their unexpected mental connection. Silence shouldn’t be drawn to his student, but once they touch, he can’t think of a reason to stop. Even though acting out their darkest desires puts them in more danger than they realize.

Warning: This book contains sex-starved demons, lonely angels, demon-angel sandwiches, blood, violence, death and a happy-ever-after.

updated 2013-03-07

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