New Moon on the Water

by Mort Castle
New Moon on the Water - Mort Castle N/A

In a smoky, after hours jazz joint where almost nobody ever dies, or the ranch house next door owned by a monster, or a high rise elevator in which raging terror awaits the next passenger, these brilliant stories discover a world you thought you knew - and a darker one you will never forget. With 13 stories never before collected, NEW MOON ON THE WATER is Mort Castle's first new collection in a decade, presenting the best short fiction of the writer deemed a "horror doyen," "the Charles Dickens of horror," and "the master of contemporary horror."


  • Defining Horror – An Introduction
  • If You Take My Hand, My Son
  • Henderson’s Place / The Girl with the Summer Eyes
  • A Circle of Magic
  • The W.W. II Pistol
  • Pop is Real Smart
  • Healers
  • Buckeye Jim in Egypt
  • As Others See Us
  • Father and Son
  • Bird’s Dead
  • The Running Horse, The High, White Sound
  • Upstairs, Downstairs and All About Vampires
  • A Someday Movie
  • 14 Short Horror Stories
  • Party Time
  • Love, Hate and the Beautiful Junkyard Sea
  • I Am Your Need
  • Moon on the Water
  • The Call
  • Hansel, Gretel and the Witch: Notes to the Artist
  • Bonds
  • 14 Short Horror Stories
  • Other Advantages
  • FYI
  • In The Gypsy Camp
  • I’ll Call You
  • The Doctor, the Kid and the Ghosts in the Lake
  • Dani’s Story
  • Altenmoor, Where the Dogs Dance
  • I Don’t Know, Is What I Say

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Release date 2012
Details updated July 5, 2022
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