Tomoe Gozen (Tomoe Gozen, #1)
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Tomoe Gozen

by Jessica Amanda Salmonson
Release date: 1981
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy

Also known as The Disfavored Hero.

In a dimension next to ours, there is a world very much like Earth...

In that world there is an island empire called Naipon, where the gods and demons known only as legends in our Japan roam freely over the land, bringing good an evil to its people as they choose. There are mighty warriors, samurai, in Naipon as in Japan, and added to their skill with the two swords of a samurai they must have skill in magic.

One of the greatest of them all is the woman called Tomoe Gozen. She is young and rash, perhaps not as wise as she should be... indeed, as she will be... but valiant in war, loyal in friendship, and steadfast in honor as becomes a samurai.

This is the story of how sorcery caused Tomoe Gozen to break with her bushido, and of what she did to regain her honor.

And even Amaterasu the Shining Goddess was unsure how this came to be... whether in Naipon the hopes and fears of Japan coalesced into a different and stranger reality, or if in Japan the glory and terror of Naipon echoed through the dreams of Japanese.

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