The Eleventh Jaguarundi and Other Mysterious Persons

by Jessica Amanda Salmonson
Release date: 1995
Type: other fiction
Genres: short stories


  • How to Be a Surrealist (essay)
  • The Eleventh Jaguarundi
  • Being Lost Viewed as a Virus Viewed as an Angel Lost in the Molecular Structure of the Human Gene
  • The Fate of de Maupassant
  • These Four Dreams
  • Strange Doings in Viktor's Village
  • A Celestial Occurrence
  • The Barker's Hat
  • Allison's Cards
  • Doves
  • The Strange Voyage of Doctor Morbid
  • Incunabula
  • Story with Story
  • Oh, Familiar Man
  • Madame Enchantia and the Maze of Dream
  • Why Write, White Rye? (essay)
(updated 2017-01-14)

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