The Dark Tales

by Jessica Amanda Salmonson
Release date: 2002
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: horror, short stories

A limited edition of 225 copies. This gathering of Weird & High Fantasy tales were written over a 15 year period and are now collected for the first time. Dark, strange & decadent fiction from the imagination of award winning American author, editor & bookseller, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, while inspired by Clark Ashton Smith, Lord Dunsany, William Morris and other classic fantasists, and even some nearly forgotten authors of the English Decadence of the 1890s.


  • Hode of the High Place
  • The One Great Achievement of Padriné Luil
  • Wrath of the Ebon Knight
  • Winged Llama of the Mesa
  • The Revelations and Pursuits of Timith Son of Timith
  • A Rain of Spiders
  • The Black Desert of Gomba Mo
  • Iodonis and the Twin Titans
  • The Ravaging in the Dell
  • Meadow Silence
  • The Assassin's Foe
  • The Entity from Before Creation
  • The Piebald Man
  • Nitimandrey and the Cabinet-Makers Vision
  • Afterword
updated 2013-03-07

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