The Deep Museum: Ghost Stories of a Melancholic

by Jessica Amanda Salmonson
Release date: 2003
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, horror, short stories

World Fantasy Award-winning writer and editor Jessica Amanda Salmonson has collected together the majority of her ghostly tales and poems for this long-awaited volume. Subtitled 'Ghost Stories of a Melancholic', THE DEEP MUSEUM demonstrates the ways in which many people find themselves susceptible to the supernatural; particularly those who are suffering from depression, or from the loneliness which besets so many, even in the middle of a bustling modern city. Here other worlds slip subtly into our own; sometimes welcome, sometimes not; misunderstood and feared by many, but accepted by those who find their lives lacking something which the natural world cannot provide.

In a section titled 'Legends of Old America', Salmonson presents tales of ghosts, demons, and witchcraft of the Northwest, the Great Lakes region, and the Deep South. Most of these stories have their origin in folklore and traditional tales, and draw on the rich legends which abound in every region of the United States, but which are too often turned into fodder for campfire tales or urban legends. Lyric verse makes up the section entitled 'Bone Wings', while the eighteen pieces which make up 'The Forsaken Reliquary: A Catalog of Imaginary Lithographic Tints' tell a continuous story from the point of view of someone dead.

Taken together, the stories and poems which make up THE DEEP MUSEUM provide a glimpse into another world — one which exists more or less peacefully beside the one we know, but which is ready to snare the reckless, the unwary, or the unfortunate.

updated 2013-03-07

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